TPC25VOD - Ab-solute Obsession - featuring Dawn and Carl - Video Download

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Dawn's is a 6 foot (in heels) thoroughbred.
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TPC25VOD - Ab-solute Obsession
The stars of "Pec Passion" are at it again, only this time Dawn has acquired 10 more pounds of muscle and is even more defined! I've never seen a male more into his woman's muscles than this fellow Carl. He sneaks up on her while she is dozing and plays with the ridges of her deeply bronzed abs, finally startling her out of sleep. A tremendous oiling scene follows in her dressing room, in which Dawn's 6 foot (in heels) thoroughbred anatomy is showered with total obsession. Perspiring heavily, the muscle crazed male throws hard punches to her midsection to test its hardness, and gets so enamored with her endlessly fabulous legs (wait 'til you see them now!) that he almost can't let go. She obliges his eyes with some riveting posing action, in the living room, on the patio, and at the pool, and in the end takes a dip in the Jacuzzi. Watching this teasing, wet muscle show is ultimately too much for Carl to bear, and the two disappear upstairs. You will ab-solutely love this latest scintillating episode in what I hope is a continuing saga. Those are incredible abs. Dawn is an incredible woman! - 77 minutes

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