TPC14VOD - Pec Passion - Featuring Dawn - Topless - Video Download

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Also on tap is a total body massage, sexy dancing!
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TPC14VOD - Pec Passion - Topless - Featuring: Dawn - (mature audience only)
I have to tell you that I almost didn't let this one out of my home video library, because it contains perhaps the ultimate scenes I would dare offer and still maintain good taste. It wasn't supposed to be quite this sexy, but the male in the tape kind of got carried away. So enamored was he with Dawn's magnificent, contest hardened body that he just went crazy! Featured is a gym workout in which the male goes bananas feeling every inch of the black haired beauty's pectoral and abdominal muscles as they strain. Also on tap is a total body massage, sexy dancing, lots of heavy duty flexing, and a very passionate finale on Dawn's living room couch that will blow you away! This man is really into hard, developed pecs, and you won't ever see a muscle woman's chest serviced like it is in this tape. I urge you... do not miss it! - 103 minutes

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