TPC24VOD - The Bionic Girl-Next-Door - Featuring: Paris - Video Download

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Arm wrestles 4 different men.......WOW!
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TPC24VOD - The Bionic Girl-Next-Door
Remember that girl back in Junior High who reputedly could beat all the boys in arm wrestling? Remember the excitement you felt when you challenged her, and the strange feeling of elation as your arm was bent back, in spite of giving it all you had? Well, we've all grown up now, but we know one girl turned-woman who is still beating the "boys", almost on a daily basis, because she's challenged everywhere she goes (you'll hear stories of her exploits).
Men see those gorgeous arms and girl-next-door looks and they just can't resist. Watch Paris bend the arms of 4 different men (including myself) in this unique and highly exciting tape. In fact in one scene she takes on two guys at once (one with each arm)! Included also is lots of close up pumping and flexing of her world class forearms, 17" "softball" calves, and highly defined hamstrings. Even though the primary focus is those bionic arms, one guy went so berserk over her legs that I had to let him do his thing: A massage deep into the muscles of the backs of her legs. I've arm wrestled and lost to 5 different world champions in my day, but none have given me the exhilaration that Paris does. At 5'11" 170 lbs. (Never trained with weights or for arm wrestling), she is a grown up version of that little "strong girl" I lost to back in 6th grade and just might be the most exciting female athlete I've ever encountered. - 68 minutes

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