PP237VOD - Czech-Mate - Topless - featuring Pavla Brantalova and Charlene Rink - Video Download

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Great female wrestling!
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PP237VOD - Czech-Mate - featuring Pavla and Charlene - Topless - (mature audience only)
At 5'3" 101 lbs,, she may not be big, but Czech super athlete and European bodybuilding champion Pavla Brantalova has got to be one of the most perfectly muscled females on the planet. She's drop dead gorgeous to boot! And‚ she's wrestling in only a sexy thong! Pavla is not an experienced grappler, and sexy fitness star Charlie (5'6" 130 lbs,) takes full advantage of this fact, moving against the 22 yr. old Czech with her full arsenal of wrestling holds, Its exciting to watch Pavla as she repeatedly attempts to muscle her way out of the Americans grasp, her muscles rippling with intensity as she struggles. The action is by no means a one way street, but Charlene does maintain control of her opponent through most of the match, her own muscles rippling as she works to contain a powerful opposing force, Pavla is spent and defeated by the end, yet her awesome body in combat is a treat, which you may only see here at Premier Productions. - Duration: 48 minutes

More of Charlene Rink:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Charlene-Rink_c_1376.html

More of Pavla Brantalova:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Pavla-Brantalova_c_346.html

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