PP182VOD - Topless "Female Mat Action" - featuring Ziggy & Christine Marshall - Video Download

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Aggressive female wrestlers
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PP182VOD - Topless - "Female Mat Action" - featuring Ziggy and Christine Marshall- (mature audience only)
This match combines two of the most aggressive females we know. Fearless, 134 lbs. Ziggy, who gives up 20 lbs. to her thickly-muscled opponent Christine, comes right out of the blocks and takes the offensive, gaining a strong first fall. Ziggy knew she couldn't match Christine's upper-body strength, so she works for her head scissors, only to soon find her own head buried in the vise of her foe's crushing thighs! Great pins and submissions on both sides highlight this exciting topless battle. Two superbly trained bare-breasted bodies tangle to a definitive climax in a video with exciting visual appeal. - Duration: 45 minutes

More of Christine Marshall:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Christine-Marshall_c_1115.html

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