PP166VOD - Real Mixed Mat Action - featuring Joanne Lee and Steve - Video Download

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Raw muscle versus raw muscle.
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PP166VOD - Mixed Mat Action - featuring Joanne Lee and Steve
This is a contest we couldn't wait to see. In spite of Joanne's unblemished record against a number of very powerful women, it remained to be seen whether she could take on and defeat a weight--trained male. We had set up a true battle of the sexes -- raw muscle versus raw muscle -- just the way it should be. Steve, a former college football standout, showed surprise when their bodies collided and Joanne didn't go down. In fact, for the first part of the match, Joanne was in control, using brute force to lift Steve's 190 lbs. off the floor and smash him down.
Whenever Steve got an advantage, Joanne powered her way out with a loud groan, reversing and nailing him hard. Midway through the battle Joanne suffers a painful foot injury. The male goes in for the kill, pinning the muscle woman several times. Most others would have given up the fight at this stage, but Joanne grits her teeth and continues with pure guts, managing a spectacular set up and devastating pin to conclude the match. - Duration: 38 minutes

More of Joanne Lee:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Joanne-Lee_c_727.html

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