PP098VOD - Mixed Mat Action (2 Matches) - featuring Doughdee Marie, Fritz and Carl - Video Download

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Powerful muscle women!
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PP098VOD - Mixed Mat Action (2 Matches) - featuring Doughdee Marie, Fritz and Carl
Doughdee is really annoyed about a lousy photo of her used in a magazine and is bent on "paying back" the editor by obliterating his young photographer. This kid Fritz (5'6" 160 lbs) is about to incur the wrath of the strongest female wrestler in the nation. 170 lb. Doughdee toys with the male, preferring to break him gradually (for her own amusement). Her pins and lifts are spectacular. No one can survive her headlock. No one can survive more than a brief time between her 28" thighs(even at 50% power).
Doughdee Marie breaks any competitor's morale instantly, and although Fritz is game his 'spirit' departs early on. Several days later, the editor himself pays Doughdee an unwelcome visit. Carl is determined to secure an apology, and more. "No way", snorts Doughdee, and a mat rumble ensues. What you will see in this tape is the total obliteration of a male, by a woman whose explosive, crushing strength is unmatched in the world of wrestling. Carl's 160 lb. frame is smashed to a pulp by a relentless series of submission holds which render him a frightened pitiful mere shadow of his former self.
Duration: 100 minutes

More of Doughdee Marie:   http://www.muscleville2.com/Doughdee-Marie_c_744.html
Please note: The audio portion of this segment contains a buzzing sound which at times is quite evident. Your tape is not defective. This background noise is caused by a fan necessary because of the extreme heat on this particular day.
NOTE: We discounted this great video because of the audio problem. The action is still the same!

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