PP094VOD - Real Mixed Mat Action - featuring Ziggy, Roxanne and Jill Rush - Video Download

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For you fans of mixed mat action, we have only one thing to say: This video is a must.
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PP094VOD - Mixed Mat Action - featuring Ziggy, Roxanne and Jill Rush For you fans of mixed mat action, we have only one thing to say: This tape is a must. If you don't buy this tape you will miss the most unreal male versus female battles ever produced (plus a couple of other good ones, as well).
It may appear to the viewer that Mark Green (5'4", 135 lbs.) is not going 'all out' against Roxanne and Ziggy, but the truth is that his every move is met with overpowering resistance, resulting in total female dominance. Versus Ziggy, Mark is dazed by her first hold, and it gets worse. The holds and pinning moves are applied so tightly by both women that on several occasions each match had to be stopped or delayed while Mark decided whether or not he was able to continue. In our view Ziggy vs. another Mark (6', 190 lbs.) rates as one of the most incredible performances of all time by a female. Do you believed that a 130 pound woman could ever wrestle EVEN with a trained wrestler this big- going all out? For 30 minutes?! This guy is good, and he does win several falls. The incredible thing is how she relentlessly resists, once or twice actually reversing him with a screaming burst of power! Ziggy connects several times with jaw crushing head scissors. Towards the end Mark's tremendous weight advantage began to take it's toll, but we defy anyone to find another woman comparable in looks and physique who will fight this tenaciously, for so long, against such odds.
If there is such 'Other' women, it will have to be Jill (5'9",150 lbs.), a beautifully built body aerobics instructor with legs that can kill. Anyone who wrestles her had better be prepared to take a lot of abuse. Her opponent Mike (5'10". 170 lbs.) does NOT like losing to women and will do anything to gain victory. These two go at each other with a vengeance, crashing repeatedly to the mat. We believe this is the most intense mixed match ever filmed.
In the final fall, she nearly crushes his adams apple with a brutal scissors, forcing the reluctant male to cry out his submission. This is more than a 'classic' it's awesome! - Duration: 106 minutes

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