LD225VOD - TRAVEL AGENT FANTASY - featuring: CHARLENE - Nudity - Adults Only - Video Download

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CHARLENE dreams of taking a vacation with YOU!
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LD225VOD - “Travel Agent Fantasy” - Nudity - Adults Only
CHARLENE dreams of taking a vacation with YOU! First, she shows off her new high heel shoes and seamed garters.Then, massages her feet and kisses her toes, then eases herself into a lazy chair and SPREADS herself open while the camera zooms in for plenty of bare-thighed HOT crotch closeups! She tells you how much she wants you inside her, then panties come off for even MORE HOT SNATCH PLAY! In the bedroom she uses a dildo to feel your stiff dick inside her, masturbating to a wet hot pink crotch orgasm!
60 minutes

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