VV41VOD - (2 MP4 FILES) - Women's Sunskist International Open - Approx. 5 hours - Video Download

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VV41VOD -(2 MP4 FILES) - Women's Sunskist International Open
We had a feeling it was going to be dynamite. It had been five years since our last tournament video, and in the interim many of you had asked for another similar offering. A host of very talented women wrestlers had emerged in the United States (not to mention the rest of the world), and many of them came to Phoenix to battle for the championship in eight different weight classes. This fabulous video contains about 5 hours of non-stop, intense action in 60 bouts. The entire event was video taped mat side, so you'll feel like you're right there on the mat with these tremendous athletes. Want an example of how tough they are as competitors? One attractive blond we interviewed on camera is a mere 5' 1" and 110 lbs., but that doesn't deter her from playing wide receiver, safety, and special teams "Hitman" on her high school football team!
Another heavy class competitor, we heard, was undefeated on a college men's wrestling team. Enough said.**** No true fan of women's freestyle wrestling should be without this high powered video. If you've never seen these athletes in the competitive arena, you're in for a an eye opening experience. And if you already own of our previous tournament videos, you won't want to miss all the great new talent which has risen to national prominence over the past several years. We assure you you'll be VERY impressed. - Total running time is about 5 hours

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