VV40VOD - "Real Boxing" - featuring: Roxanne and Nikki - (70 minutes) - Video Download

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A mother and daughter boxing match! WOW!
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VV40VOD - "Real Boxing" featuring: Roxanne and Nikki
You heard it right folks. It's one of the most exciting athletic events we've ever witnessed-an eight round 100% all-out family brawl by two females intent on a knockout! Roxanne (5'4" 135 lbs.) is a 4th degree blackbelt in karate and an top-ranked kickboxer. Her daughter Nikki (5'5" 136 lbs.) is a 2nd degree karate blackbelt, and also a top-ranked kickboxer. We asked them to dispense with the kicks and just go at with the gloves-for real-complete with corner men and referee. When you see and hear the force of the head and body blows-a good number of which will make you wince as they connect-you'll think it was the heavyweight championship. Even though they have a close relationship, there's no love lost once that bell rings. Neither has any qualms about decking the other on the canvass!
Also included is an interview, as well as various training segments. It may seem amazing that a mother and daughter could actually be slugging it out in a real fight, but that's what's on this tape. These two superbly conditioned women really know how to box, and you're in for a tremendous show! - Total running time is 70 minutes.

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