VV33VOD - (2 MP4 FILES) 1991 Sunkist Kids Women's International Open - About 5 hours - Video Download

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International Wrestling Contests
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VV33VOD - (2 MP4 FILES) - 1991 Sunkist Kids Women's International Open
This is our most incredible women's amateur wrestling event ever yet. Like women's bodybuilding 10 years ago (around 1981), there is more and more interest in this sport for women than ever before, with many more countries fielding teams and joining in on the action. This is now our third wrestling tournament offering (Video Views VV25 and VV32 being the others) and is, we feel, the most impressive, both in terms of gained knowledge in the wrestling skills, and in terms of the quality and quantity of competitors. The tournament features the two top teams in the world. Venezuela and Japan, along with two teams from the USA. A total 30 women athletes competed in over 70 hard fought matches! All wrestlers are identified
NO OTHER WRESTLING COMPANY has been authorized to video tape these shows. We have the exclusive rights - the rights to bring you the most unique women's wrestling videos out there - real olympic-type action featuring women who are skilled in the sport of wrestling, and wrestle furiously for their win by way of pins of points. Pro action can be entertaining, but if you wish to see the real thing, here it is!
The tournament video runs about 5 hours and is a two DVD package, with about 150 minutes on each DVD. - Total time is about 5 hours.

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