VV32VOD - 1991 World Cup of International Wrestling - American Championship - (118 minutes) - Video Download

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Wrestling Championships
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VV32VOD - 1991 World Cup of International Wrestling - American Championship
Of all the wrestling companies, only Video Views was able to obtain the rights to videotape the 1991 American Women's Championships, which were held in Ohio. This field of 19 women (over 20 matches) was superior in every way to the 1989 field. Also, we used our new video camera for brilliant color and had great camera positioning, so you get to see all the falls and pins (we also had a second camera to patch in different camera angles during the later rounds). For those of you who are really into women's wrestling (as opposed to the pro style you see on TV), this video is state-of-the-art in terms of amateur skill, as the women know the same moves as the the men's collegiate-style wrestling, and the action is fast paced and exciting, the women showing an amazing amount of skill. The women range in age from late teens to early 20's and wear flattering wrestling tights. Two brief interviews are included with the two best women, and the video runs about 2 hours. Believe us, there is no other women's wrestling video like this available anywhere. - Total running time is about 118 minutes.

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