TPC23VOD - Ms. Muscle Control - featuring Nancy - Video Download

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Really hot lingerie with only the teeniest of covering.
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TPC23VOD - Ms. Muscle Control
If you were fortunate enough to order Nancy's apartment house wrestling classic, you were no doubt freaked out by her amazing flexibility and provocative "muscle control." "I could probably do an entire tape just emphasizing those things", she claimed proudly. So guess what we did the next day? Indeed, in 15 years of filming and traveling the country, I've yet to see a muscle girl who could top these talents. Really hot lingerie with only the teeniest of covering was the order of the day, and this gal turns up the heat like you won't believe. I urged her to go to the max with her contortionists limbs and pinpoint muscular contractions, and she does not disappoint me. There are also some exercises on a weight bench performed in a way only she can manage (A very exciting way!). In brief, it's a dynamo tape, and Nancy is one special lady, with total command of all those beautiful muscles! - 59 minutes

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