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Drop dead gorgeous face and hair.
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TPC22VOD - Sandy's Try Out
It was supposed to be only a minute "test shooting", but it turned into an hour. I had approached Sandy because of her drop dead gorgeous face and hair (and OK...her awesome chest!), but damn, when she took her jacket off, I wanted to shoot all day! I can only speak for myself, but this Arkansas beauty has about the hottest most appealingly muscled body I've ever laid eyes on. No joke! And that Southern drawl teased me beyond description! Sandy knew that every inch of her anatomy was being intensely scrutinized. As she proceeds through various posing sequences (in bikini, dress, and one lingerie piece), the one-on-one vibes she emits are truly exciting. You can't hear it, but you sure can feel it, you'll see. If you don't fall for this girl like I did, I quit! - 62 minutes

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