TPC19VOD - Muscles a Go-Go - Topless - featuring Monica and Christy - Video Download

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Most of the tape involves really hot, topless muscle dancing!
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TPC19VOD - Muscles a Go-Go - Topless - (mature audience only)
This tape actually represents the second half of my ultimate evening. Monica's audition at a nightclub did not go as well as she had hoped. But she returned with a special surprise for me. "Tom, this is Christy. She's the best dancer I've ever seen, and look at those muscles!" indeed, Christy has a muscle body that just won't stop. Most of the tape involves really hot, topless muscle dancing, first by Christy.
Then by Monica, all of it intended strictly to turn me on! So is the mutual heavy duty leg rubbing with baby oil, in which each female bends over deeply to expose highly defined muscles. Christy especially really gets into it, letting the oil flow down the valleys between Monica's hamstrings, then working sensually with strong hands over the full length of each rigid cable. In the end the two double team me in an exciting finale. I have to tell you that I was in a state of nirvana at day's end. It's a real pleasure to know that you too will be up there on cloud 9 when you watch this tape! - 68 minutes

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