TPC17VOD - You'll Never Forget Me, Steve - Topless - featuring Becky Sunshine - Video Download

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Becky is really a beauty!
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TPC17VOD - You'll Never Forget Me, Steve - Topless - (mature audience only)
Actually, this tape was not originally filmed for my personal collection. It was done as a favor to my friend, Becky, who wanted to "get back at" her ex-boyfriend (Steve) for running off with another woman. When you see the contents of this tape, you'll wonder how any man could leave this woman (even for one night!). For one thing, she's stunning, with a strong, fitness girl body and knockout face. For another, Becky is one of the sexiest females on planet earth.
Most of the footage was shot in her personal home gym, but this is no ordinary workout here. This lady can make a barbell drool with excitement! Her hot talk and outrageous actions will have you on the edge of your chair throughout. As for that poor guy Steve... he got the message. And when he called she blew him off! Now it's your turn to enjoy this incredible female. Rarely have I been as excited myself during a shooting! - 77 minutes

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