TPC16VOD - One Of A Kind - Featuring Suzan Kaminga - Topless - Video Download

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Suzan Kamings is always great!
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TPC16VOD - One Of A Kind - (mature audience only)
So excited was l by our first private filming, l just had to see this female in all her naked glory with 20 more pounds of awesome beef packed on! Six months later she had it, and l was all over it with my roaming lens. Suzan wears the extra voluptuous poundage with honor, as you will see most graphically in a most intimate shower and oiling scene. Watch her power packed, buffer physique gyrate as she dances while drying her hair and flexes in the bathroom mirror. Tune into her uninhibited sensuality as she romps on the bed in sexy lingerie, stretches those fabulous legs to their max, and works a stepper exclusively for us "Glute Men." Suzan's unbridled feminine appeal bursts with exciting energy every second of this tape. Without question she is one of a kind. Get this tape and you see Suzan as no other muscle fans ever have. - 57 minutes

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