TPC15VOD - Contest Ready - Topless - featuring Suzan Kaminga - Video Download

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What can I say about Suzan........WOW!
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TPC15VOD - Contest Ready - Topless - Featuring: Suzan Kaminga - (mature audience only)
Did you ever think for a minute that ol' Tom Jackson would miss privately filming the hottest woman in bodybuilding? Please, don't insult me! I'd have traveled halfway around the globe to get what l have on these two tapes. The first part of this one was shot in Suzan's hotel suite just before a major show. As she put it, "You won't see this kind of action on any stage!" Revealing her gorgeous bare chest, the perky brunette shows why she wrote the book on "Sex and Flex". When room service arrives, we get to see her version of "Carbing Up" ("It tastes so much better when you get it all over you!") A very hot massage follows, during which the big muscles in her glutes and thighs bulge with great definition. The next day, after she did some revealing flexibility exercises, I took her to a secluded mountain stream, where some wet and wild topless muscular action occurs. Yes, we've all waited years for this kind of female to appear on the muscle scene. She's finally here, contest perfect, and man will she ever turn you on! - 85 minutes

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