TPC13VOD - Romantic Ballerina - featuring Ashley - Video Download

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She flexes her legs in exciting lingerie!
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TPC13VOD - Romantic Ballerina - Featuring: Ashley
Ashley is a young, rather shy, ballerina with an intoxicating voice, powerful dancer's legs, and a world class fanny. One of most romantic girls I've ever met, and I know about 10 guys already who are itching for her phone number! She will mesmerize you with her strong leg development together with her innocent demeanor. As she says on the tape... "Fine wine and fine legs go together." When you watch the action you'll imagine a candlelight dinner, with Ashley wearing a stunning evening gown, then a romantic stroll in the park, followed by a nightcap as she flexes her legs in exciting lingerie (actual segment on tape). Ashley flat out makes me melt, and I'd advise preparing for your own meltdown when you spend an evening with her in this video! - 54 minutes

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