TPC12VOD - The Teacher - Featuring Julie and Stacy - Video Download

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Two fitness women!
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TPC12VOD - The Teacher - Featuring: Julia and Stacy
Julie is upset that her friend Stacy seems to prefer shopping to working out. Proudly displaying her beautifully developed muscles, the brunette tells Stacy that she too could attract any man she wants if she'd follow her lead, get serious with the weights, and show off what she's got. This tape features plenty of posing, glute action, a rubdown on Julie, and a "photo session" where Stacy really comes out of her shell and turns on to the camera. What kind of woman appeals to you more, the self confident type, who flaunts her hard biceps in front of you, or the more coy type, who's got it but won't let you have it? l still can't decide, but I'm having an awful lot of fun trying as l watch this tape. They are totally different, but each is so, so nice! - 90 minutes

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