TPC10VOD - From Dayna With Love - Featuring Dayna - Video Download

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TPC10VOD - From Dayna With Love - Featuring: Dayna
A while back I happened to see a video that another company did with Dayna, and since I know her, I asked if she might be willing to get a little more "racy" for me. The response: "Are you kidding? Watch this!" From the minute my camera was on her, the heat started rising. This strong bodied lady is blistering hot! l mean, see through thongs and lingerie from A to Z, and about the most sensual, exciting posing I've witnessed; wait 'til you watch the pool table scene. It's unreal! I'm told that she has a ravenous following, so I couldn't in good conscience keep this one to myself. Here you are guys. If you're a Dayna fan, this one should send you to the stratosphere! - 65 minutes

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