TPC05VOD - Schoolgirl Muscle Tease - Topless - featuring Heather - Video Download

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Heather's powerful cheerleader type glutes are something to see!
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TPC05VOD - Schoolgirl Muscle Tease - (mature audience only)
She goes to college. She works out every day at the school's weight room after class. And she's got a secret weapon when it comes to men. First, Heather gives them a flash of those big blue eyes, followed by a dose of sweet talkin' Southern drawl and, just as their hearts begin to pound, she subtly flexes her chest to expose the beautiful muscles she's developed. As a result, her campus is littered with the carcasses of many gorgeous, angry coeds whose former boyfriends dumped them in hopes of dating the muscle tease queen(or even just feeling her strong body). Powerful, cheerleader type things and glutes she's got, butt her coup de grace is her chest. Busty but held so tightly upright by the supporting muscle she's built. No other girl on campus can bare her chest and expect to compete.
Heather knows with confidence that she's a cut above, and she's going to do her thing on you 'til you're teased silly. You can't resist wanting to date this magnificent young filly. She's the most irresistible college girl I've ever met. And that's saying a lot! - 51 Minutes

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