TPC04VOD - My Great Legs - Topless - featuring Kelsey - Video Download

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Kelsey was a former ballet dancer....what legs!
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TPC04VOD - My Great Legs - (mature audience only)
"The more I stretch them, the better they get," says Kelsey as she goes through a sexy flexibility routine. This former ballet dancer gets hit on at least once a week because of those legs and by now she certainly knows the effect they have on men. This tape is pure and simple: A legs expose, with lots of wide stretching, bending, flexing and massaging. Check out the magnificent chords of her hamstrings and the hard knots in her calves and it's easy to tell that this female has spent years building leg muscle. She's not inhibited about discussing it either. So, be prepared for some hot "leg talk" aimed right at your fantasies. Kelsey caught me looking in the grocery store as she went up on her toes. I could only see her calves. Now you can see every inch of their splendor, plus get wooed by her animalistic sex appeal, up close and very personal on this tape! - 60 Minutes

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