What glutes!
What glutes!

TPC03VOD - The Muscle Sensual - Topless - featuring Taylor - Video Download

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Sensual muscle posing
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TPC03VOD - The Muscle Sensual - (mature audience only)
If you prefer a less overwhelming, more sensual and intimate muscle experience, try on Taylor's gorgeously trained physique for size. When she exercises, she always does so showing what you want to see! Hear this beautifully freckled redhead talk not only about what turns you on, but what turns her on as well. When the scene shifts from her workout studio to the privacy of her bedroom at her condo, assuredly you will be captured by the sensuality of this woman . Her curvy taut body is flexing and ready to be judged."Well, tell me which part you like best," is her call. That might take a while to answer. You're going to find out that Taylor's the kind of woman you can crave to bond with in a prolonged, blissful muscle relationship­ for an eternity. See if my assessment isn't "right on" when you watch this tape. - 60 minutes
NOTE: We only had one photo that we can show on this site, ... all the others are topless.

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