Cyndy Jones
Cyndy Jones

TPC02VOD - Can You Handle Me? - Topless - featuring Cyndy Jones - Video Download

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Cyndy Jones the musclewomen!
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TPC02VOD - Can You Handle Me? - (mature audience only)
Big girl. Huge strong muscles. You want her to tell you just how big and strong they are? You want her to really make you want to touch them to feel how thick and hard they are? Believe me, Cyndy knows every thought that's going through your mind, everything you'd like to do with her. So, there's no need to be shy. Just wait 'til you see this 5'9" 180lb. hunk of a woman turn on to you and you're going to want to jump into your T.V set! Lots of hard, sweaty flexing here, and sexy muscle talk galore. She's said that no man can handle her, but wouldn't it sure be exciting to go down trying! Take a private trip into Cyndy's own bedroom and strap yourself in for an exhilarating evening as you play this video. She's one hot, big muscle woman!! 59 Minutes

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