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She's a powerful female!
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TPC01VOD -Katie the Manhandler - ( mature audience only)
This tape features one of the most explosively powerful females l have ever met, and it was one of my all-time favorites to make. Why? First of all because of Katie's big, thick thighs and bowling ball sized glutes­ which I love. Second, because of their awesome power. And third, because there are few women who will utilize their strength to the breaking point ­and beyond. Watch our hot gym segment where she performs 150 repetitions in the curl, almost collapsing from exhaustion! Lifting fans will have a field day as Katie handles me in a unique array of lifts and carries. Imagine the feeling of being slung across Katie's broad shoulders, then gripping onto her thigh and buttocks so you can feel those big muscles strain as she thrusts you up repeatedly from a deep squat, perspiring and groaning as she drives for one more rep.
Even more awesome was her ability to squat with me clinging to her from the front, then supporting my full weight on her hips as she powers through a series of excruciating "Butt Busters" to a point beyond which most women would have broken down. In a sexy opening posing scene Katie flaunts her muscles and talks about their prodigious strength, driving me crazy with desire to worship them with my hands­ digging deeply into every crevice of her calves, thighs and glutes. A separate (and intimate) massage scene is also included. Overall, this is the kind of stuff I know you want, and I've got it on this tape! - 80 Minutes

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