SV12RVOD - "Birthday Blues" and "Mesh Madness" - featuring: Jill, Bud, Alley and Bill - Video Download

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Squeeze and Scissor Videos! Two skits.....
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SV12RVOD - "Birthday Blues" and "Mesh Madness" - "Birthday Blues"
It's getting late on Jill's birthday, and there's no card or box of sweets from dear Bud. The countless other men in her life have all presented their offerings and goodies, and she's intent that Bud fall into line! He finally shows up - expecting Jill to be satisfied with just a shamefully spartan little card! To this dubious display of devotion, Jill responds with an excruciating squeeze for every classy item she's received from all her other admirers! Finally inspired to get her a decent gift, he again returns with an absolutely pitiful present! Jill sees her only choice is to just squeeze cheapskate Bud out of her life!
"Mesh Madness" - During a break at a video shoot we turned around to suddenly find our impetuous videographer becoming extremely familiar with Alley's shapely, strong legs! Quickly picking up the camera, we just managed to catch most of this thigh-thrashing, as abrasive Alley grinds Bill's face into her mauling, meshed thighs with a relentless, face reddening, reverse head scissor. - 29 minutes

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