SV06VOD - "A Home Cooked Squeeze" and "A Steal Of A Squeeze" - featuring: Jill and Bud - Video Download

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Two squeeze videos. (Double feature)
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SV06VOD - "A Home Cooked Squeeze" and "A Steal Of A Squeeze"
Part One: "A Home Cooked Squeeze" - It's Sunday morning and sexy, leggy Jill expects her fiance to take her out for their morning meal. Impatient for him to arise, she fakes him out of bed via a non-existent breakfast! Bud believes he's in for some real home cooking-but finds all he's gotten up for is some real home SQUEEZING! (And we don't mean orange juice!). After Jill thrashes out her dilemma to dear Mom over the phone, Bud has the gall to show her a cookbook! An attempt to actually cook something is an absolute fiasco, and she vents her frustration by brewing up a scorching squeeze for her non-assistant chef! Jill finally does get her breakfast...home cooked, too!
Part Two: "A Steal Of A Squeeze" - Returning to the studio after wrapping-up an exhausting shoot, Bud doesn't notice the shapely cat burglar crouching behind a file cabinet! He stretches out for a few winks, and the ZZZ's come quickly. Moving lightly, our devious lady deftly ties his hands behind him, and is back to her burgling when Bud suddenly awakens to confront her! She then realizes just who he is-the very same guy who really put her down at a recent Squeeze Audition! Furious, our catty creature's dangerous, dark-seamed thighs relentlessly crush helpless Bud with some prolonged squeezing torture! She gets her revenge, choking all the valuables-and nearly all the air-out of him! Not wanting a lucid witness to her crime, she puts him away. Who says it doesn't pay! - 42 minutes

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