SKY3VOD - Sudden Smother Series, Vol.3 - Five Skits - Video Download

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Five Skits: - "Buns Blue Too" - "Cover-To-Smother" - "Tele-"Smother Person-To-Person" - "Smothercize" - "Top Shelf Smother"
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SKY3VOD - Sudden Smother Series, Vol.3
"Buns Blue Too" - More snug denims barely holding their shapely contents as they pulverize the caught voyeur's gasping face. Is she enjoying it too much?!
"Cover-To-Smother" - A damaged book returns some just punishment of the "cheeky variety."
"Tele-"Smother Person-To-Person" - Curvaceous butt cheeks that cannot be "put on hold!" An intense butt snuff probes this operator has no "hang-ups."
"Smothercize" - A well-built honey in skimpy workout attire practices some powerful "rump pumps" on her lecherous trainer's face.
"Top Shelf Smother" - A hot girl in her undies gets a boost from her neighbor but before she reaches the shelf he mistakenly "inhales" her ass head-on!
31 minutes
NOTE: The video is in color!

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