SKY2VOD - Sudden Smother Series - Vol.2 - Five Skits - Video Download

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Five Skits: "Rump Roasted" - "Shutterbug Smother" - "Smothered Dreams" - "Stuck and Smothered" - "Tele-Smother Toll-Free"
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SKY2VOD - Sudden Smother Series - Vol.2
"Rump Roasted" - She's all dressed up with no face to squat on until her undeserving husband enters her "kitchen of curvy delights.
"Shutterbug Smother" - A guy with a camera gets into a sticky situation and ends up with more than just provocative photos of the voluptuous girl-next door.
"Smothered Dreams" - A sleazy boss awakens to unlimited mouthfuls of his delectable dream girl only to be denied his right to breath!
"Stuck and Smothered" - The repair man was trapped with no way out and boy does she ever take advantage!
"Tele-Smother Toll-Free" - This spicy phone squatter puts her surprised victim "through-the-ringer." Relentless butt-in-face grinding!
31 minutes
NOTE: The video is in color!

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