SKY1VOD - Sudden Smother Series - Vol.1 - Three Skits - Video Download

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Three Skits: "Buns Blue" - "Psychic Smother" - "Tele-Smother International" -
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SKY1VOD - Sudden Smother Series - Vol.1
"Buns Blue" - Tight, tight denim cutoffs. A vision of heaven up close and intimate!
"Psychic Smother" - The Hex is on! Imagine a day where every great looking girl you saw swiftly your face into their derriere! This is that story. The diverse cast of women turn fantasy into pulse pounding reality.
"Tele-Smother International" - A classy European lovely "uses" the telephone to cram her sculpted assets into the face of one lucky caller!
33 minutes
NOTE: The video is in color!

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