PP242VOD - Topless Apartment-House Action - featuring Pavla Brantalova - Video Download

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Sexy apartment-house action!
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PP242VOD - Topless - Topless Apartment-House Action - featuring Pavla Brantalova - (mature audience only)
The beautiful Czech bodybuilding champion Pavla Brantalova (5'3" 115 lbs.) stars in this entertaining and humorous skit, with Paul acting as a government agent who is sent to Pavla's apartment with orders to deport her. That's what he thinks. She, of course has no intention of leaving and lets him know it! Using all of her feminine charms, Pavla distracts him first by flexing her magnificent, bare chested physique.
Unfazed, Paul is then subjected to the squeezing power of Pavla's rippling thighs, followed by one of the best apartment-house wrestling scenes we've filmed. Pavla uses every wrestling hold she knows to finally convince Paul to change his mind. This is the great Pavla Brantalova as you've never seen her before (wearing only a thong) in sexy apartment-house action! Duration: 57 minutes

More of Pavla Brantalova:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Pavla-Brantalova_c_346.html

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