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PP240VOD - The Grape(vine)s of Wrath - Topless - featuring Charlene Rink and Greg - Video Download

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Charlen Rink - 5'6" 135lbs
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PP240VOD - The Grape(vine)s of Wrath - Topless - featuring Charlene and Greg - (mature audience only)
Greg (5'8" 152 Ibs.) thought that wrestling Charlene (5'6" 135 lbs.) would be just a fun tussle with a beautifully built girl. He did not expect it to be a most painful experience as well. Right from the opening grapevine hip thrust, Charlene aggressively attacks Greg with every imaginable hold toying with him all the while with a look of glee in her eyes. She displays a superior level of athleticism, her gorgeous body rippling with muscles. Her "go to" hold throughout much of the match was a bruising grapevine, which was sometimes followed by a dominating straddle. Watch as she smothers his face in her magnificent bare chest. Numerous body and head scissors knock the wind out of poor Greg who just couldn't avoid Charlene's deadly thighs! There was no escaping for Greg who took quite a beating in this match. - Duration: 50 minutes

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