PP234VOD - Bonnie Gets Busted -Topless - featuring Bonnie Michaels and Charlene Rink - Video Download

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Bonnie Michaels meets Charlene Rink!
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PP234VOD - Bonnie Gets Busted - Topless - featuring Bonnie and Charlene - (mature audience only)
Bonnie should have known better than to rifle Charlene's closet. In refusing to surrender the brunettes belongings, the sexy redhead is only asking for trouble, and trouble she gets as the clothes are ripped off her.A nasty cat fight erupts, and Bonnie makes mistake number two in believing she can do battle with one of the countries strongest fitness stars. Bonnie holds her own initially, but it becomes clear that eventually Charlene's stronger body will prevail. Later, after Bonnie fails to produce a requested meal, she is subjected to total humiliation by her dominant housemate. Her head is repeatedly crushed between Charlene's powerful thighs, and she cries out complete submission as her captor straddles her neck. Even in the midst of defeat, Bonnie is one of the sexiest females you will ever see on film, and the girl who dies her in is one hot property herself. Please note: Only Bonnie is topless in this tape. - Duration: 49 minutes - NOTE: Only Bonnie goes topless in this video.

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