PP233VOD - Topless - Schoolgirl Masters the Schoolboy Pin - featuring Lindsay Mulinazzi and Greg - Video Download

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Repertoire of scissors, grapevines, cross-body pins.
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PP233VOD -Topless - Schoolgirl Masters the Schoolboy Pin - featuring Lindsay and Greg - (mature audience only)
Lindsay had never wrestled before, but her very athletic, muscle-laced physique was a natural for mat combat. And, the highly competitive 5'3" 124 lb. redhead loved the challenge of proving her abilities against a young male. Just sit back and watch as she takes her 5'9" 140 lb. opponent "to-school" with a repertoire of scissors, grapevines, cross-body pins, powerful full nelsons, a stunning "backbreaker", and dominating schoolboy straddles. Her gorgeous muscular definition peaks as she strains to beat her man. Greg admitted later that this was perhaps his most exciting wrestling encounter. - Duration: 48 minutes

More of Lindsay Mulinazzi:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Lindsay-Mulinazzi_c_777.html

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