PP231VOD - Topless - The Premier Test of Fitness - featuring Charlene Rink and Lindsay Mulinazzi - Video Download

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A multitude of athletic skills.
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PP231VOD - Topless - The Premier Test of Fitness - featuring Charlene and Lindsay - (mature audience only)
Don't you think wrestling should be included in fitness contests, instead of prancing around in evening gowns? Both Charlene and Lindsay would no doubt vote for such an event, because they both thrive on one-on-one competition and each is armed with a multitude of athletic skills. Charlene's the veteran, but you can tell that she's surprised by Lindsay's muscular strength and tenacity. It's a sea saw battle most of the way - pretty much a draw - except for a few times where the muscular redhead's inexperience gets her trapped in definitive submissions. If you like the thought of two well muscled fitness beauties going head-to-head in physical combat, then this tape is for you. They both take it seriously, and are not afraid to really rumble. Duration: 56 minutes

More of Charlene Rink:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Charlene-Rink_c_1376.html

More of Lindsay Mulinazzi:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Lindsay-Mulinazzi_c_777.html

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