PP223VOD - Topless Girl vs. Girl Mat Action - featuring Lois Smucker and Charlene Rink - Video Download

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Two great fitness women wrestling head to head!
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PP223VOD - Girl vs. Girl Mat Action - Topless - featuring Lois Smucker and Charlene Rink - (mature audience only)
Two of the finest fitness bodies in existence tangle in this visually spectacular match. Gorgeous Lois (5'6" 122 lbs.), whose boxing training has given her a fighter's instincts, needs every bit of strength in her leanly muscled physique to keep pace with the scrappy Californian (5'6" 135 lbs.). Before her opponent really gets the hang of it, Charlene's legs do much damage, causing the black haired beauty to submit with primeval screams of pain. Lois is accustomed to being "hit", and she rebounds each time with aggressive contact. Both females possess superior conditioning and carry an exciting action throughout the full length of this tape. Great camera views help to assure that this video will be one of your favorites. - Duration: 48 minutes

More of Charlene Rink:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Charlene-Rink_c_1376.html

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