PP215VOD - Topless Cat fighting Beauties - featuring Bonnie Michaels and Sasha - Video Download

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Bonnie Michaels does cat fights too!
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PP215VOD - Topless Catfighting Beauties - featuring Bonnie and Sasha - (mature audience only)
Bonnie and Sasha are checking out a script in advance of their audition. It calls for a wrestling scene, and although Sasha is tentative Bonnie goads her into some "practice". The beautiful Asian is hesitant until her top is ripped off, at which point she gets pissed, and sparks begin to fly. Prepare for a feast of superb viewing as these two topless beauties tangle. Whenever Bonnie is involved, you should know that the action will be "heated", and the sexy redhead puts a "move" or two on her oriental friend which will definitely fire you up. After the fight, both girls were well prepared for the movie scene. - Duration: 44 minutes

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