PP202VOD - Female Boxing (Five Bouts) - featuring Autumn, Stacy, Cheryl, Crystal, Sheila and Becky - Video Download

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Female boxing to the MAX!
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PP202VOD - Female Boxing (Five Bouts) - featuring Autumn, Stacy, Cheryl, Crystal, Sheila and Becky
Bout one has perky Autumn taking on Stacy in spirited combat. Even though it's her boxing debut, Autumn's footwork mimics that of an experienced fighter. Stacy has trouble scoring against her dancing opponent, whose punches keep her on the defensive most of the bout. It's Autumn all the way in a solid decision.
Vowing that "this will be no better," Stacy next takes on a bigger challenger in Cheryl, who looks awfully tough. Both fighters admitted to being "A little scared of each other," but once the action begins, combative instincts take control. Cheryl knew she had size and reach advantage, and used them well to keep her foe at bay. Stacy just could not mount an effective offense, and once again found herself having to fend off her opponent's aggression.
In bout three, two more first timers duke it out. You'll wish you could go a few rounds with spunky, foxy Crystal, 'cause this girl's got speed, and knockout power in her right hook. Although the two spend considerable time feeling each other out and looking for an opening, when the hot action comes, it is fast and furious.
An evenly contested bout follows between two roommates. "We fight all the time in our apartment," said Sheila. "Here was opportunity where Becky and I could really hit each other!" The action gets rather wild and crazy at the end, where the girls take each other down to the mat, and the match evolves into a wrestling style tussle.
Our final bout features Cheryl and Stacy in a rematch. This fight in nothing like the first one. Here, intensity is evident from the opening bell. Cheryl hits Stacy so hard that her glove explodes, sending it's contents flying through the air. The smaller hangs in there, but is again outgunned by a superior opponent. - Duration: 114 minutes
Note: The poor quality photos were taking from a monitor. The video is fine!

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