PP194VOD - Topless Female Boxing - featuring Carmela vs. Ziggy and Angela vs. Ziggy - Video Download

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Ziggy doesn't play around!
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PP194VOD - Topless Female Boxing - Carmela vs. Ziggy and Angela vs. Ziggy - (mature audience only)
Everyone was looking forward to seeing Angela do battle against Ziggy "with the gloves on," because we knew that the action would be furious and tempers would flare. Unfortunately, Angela was injured right off the bat, so we had no fight. However, we decided to bring you the pre-match warm-up, since the topless bodies are magnificent, and it's exciting to see the power with which they can hit a bag. Now comes the fortunate part: We were lucky to find a replacement opponent, who was doing a gym workout at the time, and agreed to take on Ziggy. Carmela is a thickly built "street girl" who is no stranger to fighting (though she had never formally boxed). She gamely confronts her foe, but soon discovers that Ziggy is one tough boxer. By round three the action really heats up, with Ziggy trying to put her away and Carmela strongly resisting. A flurry of wicked exchanges occurs in round five, after which the bigger girl appears spent. She holds on to complete the bout, but knows that if it had gone on any longer, Ziggy would have put her down for the count. We think you'll enjoy this spirited, bare-breasted action. - Duration: 37 minutes

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