PP191VOD - Topless Girl vs. Girl - featuring Angela and Dawn Adams - Video Download

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Spunky Angela isn't used to getting her beautiful ass whipped!
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PP191VOD - Topless Girl vs. Girl - Angela and Dawn Adams - (mature audience only)
Spunky Angela isn't used to getting her beautiful ass whipped, but Dawn comes into this match with a statement to make and a determination to kick butt! Dawn's the superior woman, and establishes her dominance early on by disabling the sexy blonde with strong holds. Angered when she is forced to submit between Angela's powerful body scissors, the black-haired muscle-woman responds with a crushing head-scissors, then wraps up her foe in a series of combination holds. Much of the match finds Angela on her back, drenched in sweat as she struggles to fight off the bigger girl's aggressive moves.
With bursts of strength Angela is occasionally able to reverse her opponent, only to fall victim to Dawn's next barrage. This is one of the most visually exciting topless bouts we have seen. Our roving camera gets right in there at all the right angles to capture the hot action between these two very sexy, gorgeously muscled females. - Duration: 45 minutes

More of Dawn Adams:   http://www.muscleville2.com/search.asp?keyword=dawn+adams&search=

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