PP176VOD - Real Mixed Mat Action - featuring Anita Ramsey and Mike - Video Download

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Head and body scissors.
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PP176VOD - Mixed Mat Action - featuring Anita Ramsey and Mike
Mike is a bruiser at 5' 11", 170 lbs., and he didn't get his nickname without reason. He has no qualms about clamping a headscissors on a woman and squeezing 100%! "Whatever it takes to get her to submit.", he says. Even though Anita is hard as a rock and physically stronger, she consistently falls victim to the bruiser's speed and technical wrestling expertise. Mike uses every hold in the book to frustrate and soundly punish Anita. Anita struggles hard and manages to win a couple of submissions (by head scissors and a crushing body scissors which Mike claimed was the "the best since Vukov") midway through the contest. Yet, for the most part the muscle woman finds herself fighting a losing battle in the grip of the male. Strangely enough, we found it uniquely exciting to watch such a powerful female get her butt kicked by a guy who some say fights too hard. -
Duration: 45 minutes

More of Anita Ramsey - http://www.muscleville2.com/Anita-Ramsey_c_814.html

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