PP147VOD - Real Mixed Mat Action - featuring Laura Vukov and Dave - Video Download

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Pure punishment!
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PP147VOD - Mixed Mat Action - featuring Laura Vukov and Dave
This video may have set the world record for the number of submissions earned by a female over a male in a 40 minute match. The 180 lb. "Python Princess" (as she likes to call herself) is utterly unstoppable against Dave, punishing the 145 lb. male with every awesome ounce of her strength in all of the most vicious holds. The bout includes what we believe is the most powerful headlock we've witnessed in 10 years of filming. And her legs? By now we don't question it when Laura states confidently that she can reduce any man to mincemeat between her thighs--instantly! If you are into the ultimate female superior scene, this one's for you! - Duration: 40 minutes
NOTE: Only the photos are black and white. The video is in color.

More of Laura Vukov:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Laura-Vukov_c_877.html

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