PP131VOD- Real Girl vs. Girl Mat Action - featuring Suzy Chance and Joy Jasper - Video Download

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Joy never quits fighting!
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PP131VOD - Real Girl vs. Girl Mat Action - featuring Suzy Chance and Joy Jasper
Tom Jackson has reason to be very embarrassed. He admits he's not "man enough" to wrestle Suzy (5'7" 165 lbs.). So what happens? A beautiful long haired girl volunteers! You would think that this match was kind of like throwing your lovely girlfriend into the ring with Godzilla. At the outset the bigger muscle woman just toys with her, then blasts her, evoking shrieks of pain from the maiden. But then a funny thing happens. Like a wild animal backed up against a wall, Joy (5'9" 140 lbs.) turns aggressive fighter, nailing Suzy with a couple of magnificent combination holds that seemingly come out of nowhere (she had never wrestled before), plus a great figure four scissor which gains a decisive submission. For the most we admit it's a pretty one sided affair. Suzy is awesome. Yet what's so exciting is to watch the tenacious fitness beauty struggle for her life against outrageous odds. Being pinned by Suzy is like being nailed to the mat. But Joy never quits fighting, and we really love that kind of girl! Duration: 42 minutes

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