PP117VOD - The Housekeeper - featuring Janice Ragain and Nick - Video Download

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Janice Ragain as a Maid with great muscles!
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PP117VOD - The Housekeeper - featuring Janice Ragain and Nick
Is it conceivable that any man could be stupid enough to hire the great Janice Ragain as a housekeeper and not pay her top dollar? Apparently so she waits hand and foot on Mr. Nick, catering to the old coot's every desire and what does she get in return? Minimum wage! This guys a real scrooge and she's determined to make him change. The task is a difficult and frustrating one. Even flexing her beautiful muscles and giving him a "taste" of their strength has little influence. As her inner anger intensifies, she tries to break his will by giving him "the business" in some very sexy lingerie. The man weakens, but does not break sown. In the end she mounts a massive assault in his bedroom, resulting in an interesting conclusion. We shouldn't need to embellish on the merits of this incredible woman. From stem to stem she blasts right off of the Richter Scale (as you should know). Any tape with Janice Ragain involved we want right on the front of our shelf. And that's why we made it. - Duration: 71 minutes

More of Janice Ragain:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Janice-Ragain_c_811.html

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