Great head scissors!
Great head scissors!

PP108VOD - Double His Pleasure, Double His Pain - Heather and Kelsey - Topless - Video Download

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Topless fitness women
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PP108VOD - Double His Pleasure, Double His Pain - featuring Heather and Kelsey - Topless - (mature audience only)
Lee, a real ladies man, makes a huge mistake in scheduling back-to-back dates on the same night with Heather and Kelsey. As soon as he's "discovered", the two luscious beauties conspire to teach him a much deserved lesson. Kelsey, a professional ballet dancer with the legs to prove it, uses her lean muscles to tease and excite him with intimate caresses, then proceeds to hurt him with sexy female power! Heather's strong upper body and outrageous buttocks have the male salivating in lustful anticipation, but sure enough it's a trap, from which he is forced to cry out. Lee is stripped almost naked, spanked, and otherwise abused by his two captors until he learns their painful lesson. This tape is one of our sexiest ever, and these are two topless newcomers you don't want to miss! - Duration: 53 minutes

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