PP095VOD - Mixed Apartment House Wrestling Action - featuring Sally McNeil and Heidi Swanson - (150 minutes) - Video Download

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Three Skits: - "Tom's Challenge" - "One Good Woman" - "Wrestling Gymnast"
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PP095VOD - Mixed Apartment House Wrestling Action - featuring Sally McNeil and Heidi Swanson - (150 minutes)
Skit #1, titled "Tom's Challenge", stars the massively powerful Sally McNeil. After catching her cheating on her pre-contest diet, Sally's manager Tom gets on her case big time. The fiery blond will not hear any of it, immediately pouncing on him to assert her strength. Tom then makes Sally a proposition: "Beat me in three different test of strength" he challenges, "and you can do whatever you want. I'll even waiver my manager's fee!" Can she make him submit in each of three deadly leg holds, clean his clock on the mat, and squat him 20 times? Watch this no nonsense marine take on the challenge, utilizing the brutal power of her thickly developed legs and haunches (55 minutes)
In the next scene, called "One Good Woman", sergeant Sally's all female platoon has just defeated Bill's group in "Field Exercises". To further humiliate the male, she brings him back to her place for some "Hand-to-Hand Combat". The most exciting action centers on her bone crushing leg holds (notably grapevines and the most powerful figure four leg locks we have ever seen). From sight alone, no one can question the pressure this women can generate between her legs. She claims she can kill a man this way, and Bill experiences what it's like to be at her complete mercy. (45 minutes)
Act Three, "Wrestling Gymnast", unveils the gorgeous Heidi, a superbly built college gymnast. Tom arrives in search of his tennis partner, but quickly becomes enthralled by the female's support strength moves. Never one to pass up the chance to test a woman's muscular strength, Tom goads her into a tussle. The whole scene will take you back to your schooldays. Remember that first time you were held down in a "schoolboy pin" by the pretty girl athlete next door, and you couldn't get up? Lots of school boy section is featured here, as well as some enticing scissors and grapevine holds. You are going to LOVE Heidi. She's a dream girl - with muscles and power-like nobody we ever met in school! (50 minutes) 
Duration: 150 minutes.

More of Sally McNeil:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Sally-McNeill_c_915.html

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