PP086VOD - Girl vs. Girl Cat Fighting - featuring: Jana Holmes, Carol England, April Johnson, Marla and Jessica Hanson - (about 134 minutes) - Video Download

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Three Cat Fighting Skits with HOT women.
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PP086VOD - Girl vs. Girl Cat Fighting - featuring Jana, Carol, April, Marla and Jessica Hanson
Skit #1 is "Lingerie Catfight" and starts with Jana trying to help her friend Carol 'get a date' by donning sexy undergarments instead of her ragged cut-offs. Carol blatantly resists, claiming she "isn't the type". Words lead to some sexy rumbling with Carol showing off the power in her long, built legs and Jana displaying most all of her mouthwatering anatomy. You'll see dresses and lingerie ripped off and lots of very sexy holds applied as only two luscious females in the heat of battle can do it!
Somehow feisty Carol has a hard time getting along with other beautiful women, and she proves it once again in "Fighting for the Job". She can't seem to handle the fact that her new roomy, April, is making far more than herself modeling lingerie. Even April's offer to show Carol her special, sexy 'tricks' of the trade only serves as a further irritant. It becomes obvious that this woman is looking for a fight, and she certainly gets it.
Our third skit, "Let's Get Jessica" features three of the best bodies ever to appear in a catfight. Marla is getting pointers from Laura for her upcoming competition, and there is some concern about another contestant (Jessica). When it is discovered that Jessica is not only planning to beat Marla in the contest, but is also making eyes at her boyfriend. Both Marla and Laura scheme to 'get Jessica'. What follows is exciting top-notch catfighting / wrestling among incomparable females. - Duration: (approximate) 134 minutes

More of April Johnson:  http://www.muscleville2.com/April-Johnson_c_961.html

More of Jana Holmes:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Jana-Holmes_c_692.html

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