PP085VOD - Girl vs Girl, Mixed and Apartment House Wrestling - featuring Erin Maldonado, Thea Bennington and Jackie Ruby - (135 minutes) - Video Download

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Three apartment house female wrestling skits to see!
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PP085VOD - Girl vs. Girl, Mixed and Apartment House Wrestling - featuring Erin Maldonado, Thea Bennington and Jackie Ruby
This is a special Premier offering for the fans of the 'larger' wrestling women, since it features three huge women going at it in a variety of wrestling formats. The feature performer is a bodybuilding star, Thea, who checked in at a whooping 5'11" and 180 power-packed pounds! As tough as Erin is, the 6', 174-pound body builder couldn't handle Thea and had to bow out with an injury after 10 minutes. With no one else around to finish the fight, Tom Jackson was the only one man enough (or should we say, stupid enough) to take on the awesome female. When Thea saw that Tom was going all out, she tired even harder. She was able to monitor her superior strength so that she could manhandle Tom without sending him to the hospital (the noises that he made were scary enough)! Tom hung in there for a full 40 minutes, accepting any punishment Thea was able to dish out, including excruciating grapevines, an inescapable camel clutch and some scenes were she easily lifts him in difficult position.
Next we move into an apartment skit titled, "I NEED A WORK OUT PARTNER" featuring Thea and Tom. Thea needs someone to help her get even more muscular and stronger than she already is, and what she has in mind is using Tom as a human barbell. Scenes include lifting, spinning, and doing squats with the helpless male. Then Thea demands her cardiovascular workout- wrestling, you can figure out the rest: unimaginable holds applied by one of the strongest women ever to appear in anyone's wrestling video. She absolutely crushes her prey and at one point he virtually begins to cry from the constant pain.
Third segment features Jackie (5'11", 170 pounds) against Percy (5'9", 160 pounds) in some great real mixed mat action. Jackie is not a competitive body builder but she is a large, powerfully built woman. Jackie is a trained wrestler, so not only does she have the strength but also she has a good assortment of unbreakable holds and uses them advantageously in this match. She defeats the male in a series of head and body scissors, grapevines, and pins. Good solid mixed wrestling, showing clearly that a women with good knowledge of holds and slight weight advantage can easily hold her own against a man like Percy (who is himself a trained wrestler, and in greets shape) - not to mention any average man!! Duration: 135 minutes

More of Thea Bennington:   http://www.muscleville2.com/Thea-Bennington_c_329.htm

More of Erin Maldonado:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Erin-Maldonado_c_948.html

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